Tome of Heroes for 5th Edition D&D - Special Edition

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    The essential expansion for every 5th Edition game!

    Tome of Heroes contains a vast array of tested, original options to create amazing 5E characters:

    • Over 70 new subclasses, including the Circle of Bees, Way of the Unerring Arrow, Path of Hellfire, School of Black Powder, and Pugilist
    • More than 20 new races and subraces, from deer-like alseid, to mechanical gearforged, to aquatic gnomes and arctic elves
    • Over a dozen new backgrounds, including diplomat, freebooter, gamekeeper, and innkeeper
    • A shops’ worth of equipment, such as firearms, chakrams, glidecloaks, and bombs, plus mounts and clockwork companions
    • New ways of using magic, from manipulating magical plants to drawing draconic runes
    • Over 50 new spells, including fuse armor, conjure construct, and steam gout

    Plus new optional rules for downtime activities, for creating a party with a group theme, and for using weapons to affect combat in ways other than dealing damage. All fully compatible with the 5th Edition ruleset!


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