1999 World Championships Ad [World Championship Decks 1999]

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Set: World Championship Decks 1999
Type: Card
Rarity: Common
Collect All Four World Championship Decks

Relive the excitement of the 1999 World Championships with these four commemorative decks.

Kai Budde, World Champion— World Champion Kai Budde's red-artifact deck employed more than 30 artifacts to generate huge amounts of mana. Big creatures like Masticore or Covetous Dragon became a threat to any opponent, and a well-timed Wildfire added the finishing touch.

Mark Le Pine, Finalist— Mark Le Pine's aggressive "Sped Red" deck applied the pressure early with 11 fast creatures before shifting into land-destruction mode. A late-game Cursed Scroll and Hammer of Bogardan would finish off his mana-crippled opponents.

Matt Linde, Semifinalist— Matt Linde's speedy mono-green deck contained 26 low-cost creatures. Supplementing this nasty creature assault were four Rancors and four Giant Growths. If his opponent wasn't smothered by turn five, Linde's Cursed Scrolls would pick up the slack.

Jakub Slemr, Quarterfinalist— Jakub Slemr's mono-black deck controlled the board with Cursed Scrolls, Powder Kegs, and Phyrexian Plaguelords. His "Black Control" creation also pounded his opponents early with discard effects found in Ravenous Rats, Duress, and Stupor.

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