Deluxe 22MM Loyalty Dice Set

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    Show your Loyalty with the updated Deluxe Loyalty Dice for Magic: the Gathering! Each face features the iconic "loyalty" outline with numbers 1-6 on two dice and 7-12 on the other two dice, allowing you to save up for that ult with a single die face representing your progress clearly. Each set includes four (4) six-sided dice, measuring 22mm, packaged in a reusable storage box. Rounded corners allow dice to roll further for better randomization and protects gaming table surfaces from dents or marks.

    • Officially licensed dice are available in Plains, Island, Swamp, Mountain or Forest styles
    • Each pack includes four (4) six-sided Loyalty Dice and a reusable storage box
    • Two (2) dice are numbered 1-6 and the other two (2) have the digits 7-12
    • Large size (22mm) for improved visibility over standard D6
    • Rounded corners improve randomization and protect fragile table surfaces

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