Baron Smelly Bones Scented Dice

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Arcane Vapors
Ancient Armory
Fireball Char
Nature's Embrace
    Baron Smellybones has opened his vault of curated curiosities to bring you the world's greatest set of Scented Adventure Dice! Add a new dimension of customization to your game with these exquisite aromas!
      How do they smell??? Well in a word... exquisite! But I can tell that a keen mind like yours craves a deeper understanding of the secrets of Baron Smellybones! 
     Our aromatic process has been in testing for years and in that time we have seen no decrease in the potency of our scented dice! But how, you may ask, is this miracle possible? Our dice are scented with a multi-phase process that infuses both the dice and the dice tin with fragrance! While your dice are not in use, store them back in their tin to recharge their aromatic battery. This allows your dice to remain fresh and beautifully scented for a very very long time!

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