10-SetCube GM Assist Dice

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    Game Master Assist Dice are a specialty dice set designed to assist noble Game Masters as they prepare on-the-fly adventures and storytelling for their players.

    Finely crafted based on 20 years of GM experience, these 10 oversized and color-coded dice are designed to assist with the 7 most significant randomization needs GMs face. GM Assist Dice are guaranteed to increase the creativity levels of your gaming experience, while also cutting down on gameplay time.

    These dice cover: NPC Attitude, Weather, Traps, Randomized Loot, Random Encounters, Hit Locations, & Critical Hit Effects.
    GM Assist Dice come with a ""30-Second How to Use Guide"", explaining the fun and varieties each die type can be used for.
    Made of high-impact resin, with the same casting process invented that prevents air-bubbles from forming inside, Gate Keeper Games dice bear the honor of being the heaviest, densest, and most well-balanced resin dice on the planet!


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