No, we’re not letting customers in yet… COVID-19 Updates

As COVID-19 is ravaging across the Austin area, here’s how we’re responding at Mothership:

Updated as of 9-10-2020:

So WoTC has suspended all in-store play through November and the City of Austin has banned all gatherings of more than 10 people. We cannot allow in-store play that abides by social distancing requirements. Until we reach Stage 1 of the Risk-Based Guidelines set forth by the City of Austin, we will not reopen our table space or LAN center. See article about this here!

We will still be doing business via our online store, Discord, Facebook, text, and email:

Pickup options: *contactless only* We’ll send you an invoice and leave it outside for you when you get here. No need to interact with us at all.

Shipping options: All orders over $100 will ship free through the summer with code SUMMERSHIP

Your support is abundantly appreciated… we want to be here for you all at the end of this!