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Free League of Legends Tournament: Friday, Oct. 23rd

Another FREE tournament sponsored by Nvidia!

Participants will be awarded a player spot in order of event registration on the evening of the event. The first 30 registered participants who are present at the start of the event will receive a spot for participation on one of six teams. You must register at the Nvidia website in order to guarantee a spot on one of the teams.

Event Fee: FREE

Registration starts at 6:00pm, team selection starts at 6:30, tournament starts at 7:00pm

Team Selection: Those with the 5 highest ranks from this season will be selected as team captains. Then, the remaining players will be drafted by the team captains.

Tourament Structure: Single elimination

Prizing: all participants will receive some awesome Nvidia swag. Each member on the winning team will receive a $25 LoL gift card.

bfz game day playmat

Battle for Zendikar Game Day: Oct. 24th and 25th

Join us for one of our Game Day events! Saturday, October 24 and Sunday, October 25th at 6pm.

Entry fee: $10

Tournament structure: Swiss rounds, cut to top 4 or top 8 depending on the number of players

Prizing: All participants will receive a full art Stasis Snare. Top 8 players will receive a foil full art Radiant Flames. First place will receive the Game Day Champion playmat. 2.5 packs per person will be added to the prize pool. Each player will receive a participation pack and the remaining packs will be distributed to the top 8 players.

***If we get more than 20 people for one event, we’ll add a Battle for Zendikar Fat Pack raffle. Each player will receive a raffle entry for each round win. The raffle will take place at the end of the Swiss rounds before the cut.


bfz top 8


game day participation bfz


7 Wonders Board Game Events

Join us for some 7 Wonders open play and a tournament!

Open Play: Monday, October 19th at 6:30pm

Tournament: Saturday, October 24th at 1:30pm ($5 entry):
We have a playmat, art packs, and promos for prizes! First place will win a playmat, art pack, and promo. Second and third place with get their choice of remaining packs and promos.

We’ll run a number of swiss rounds based on the number of people who come to play. If we get fewer than 5 people, we’ll just run one game 3 times. If we get more people, we’ll pair up people based on their number of wins.


X-Wing Tournament: Oct. 18th

Join us for our next X-Wing Tournament on Sunday, October 18th at 1:30pm!
Swiss rounds based on the number of players. We’ll also officially be using the new core set damage deck and rules for this tournament. If you don’t have the new damage deck, we’ll have a few extras for folks to borrow.
Entry fee will be $10 per person. We’ll be doing another Summer 2015 prize kit on top of our special top prizing if we get 12 people:
1st place = voucher for Ghost Expansion pack
2nd place = voucher for Punishing One Expansion pack
Fellowship = voucher for T-70 X-Wing (or equivalent valued expansion)
*We’ll also add another voucher for 3rd place if we get 14 or more people for the tournament!

Events for Epic Card Game

We Kickstarted this awesome game from the makers of Star Realms and we’re really excited to show this game off. If you liked games like Ascension and Star Realms or you like MTG, but hate the complications, come check this game out!

Monday, October 12th at 6:30pm, we’ll be doing a demo night of the game. You’ll get to try out a few different decks.

Saturday, October 17th at 1:30pm, we’ll be running a casual tournament. $5 entry fee gets you a 30-card deck and a sweet promo.

40 minute, Swiss rounds, so everyone keeps playing whether s/he has won or lost.

To keep this tournament fair, we won’t be allowing preconstructed decks. This event is mainly for new players, so we’ll be randomly distributing decks from our demo decks. Each player will get a 30 card deck and will play one game against a single opponent.

All players will receive the “Teleport” promo card. We’ll also raffle off the “Elder Greatwurm” cards throughout the event as well as give one out to the winner of the tournament! And you get to keep your deck at the end of the event!

bfz cover

Battle for Zendikar Release Weekend Events!

Ready to crack some packs? Here’s what we’ve got going on this weekend for the BFZ release! And here’s the promo for the weekend release events (while supplies last!)

bfz release weekend


Thursday, October 1st @ 11:59pm:  MIDNIGHT DRAFT!!!! The first draft of the release and you can pick up your boxes, fat packs, event decks, etc.

Friday, October 2nd @ 2pm: Daytime Draft! Doing a bunch of nothing during the day? Need an excuse to take off work? Come draft!

Friday, October 2nd @ 7:30pm: FNM! Our usual events!

Saturday, October 3rd @ 7:30pm: Sealed Draft

Sunday, October 4th @ 6:00pm: Team Sealed Event. This is something new we’re trying. Form a team of 3 people. Each person gets 6 packs and the team makes 3 decks sharing the pack pool. Then, teams are paired against each other. When two team members win, the whole team wins. $25 per person entry with 2 packs per person added to the prize pool.

Sunday, October 4th @ 7:30pm: One more booster draft for the weekend!

fow image for cover

Force of Will: Seven Kings of the Lands Release Draft on Sept. 25th

Come join us for the release of Alice Cluster: The Seven Kings of the Lands!

We’ll be kicking off release with a 6 pack draft!

When: Friday, September 25th at 7:00pm
Cost: $25 per person
Tournament structure: 3 rounds swiss
Prizing: 1.5 packs per person will be added to the prize pool to be paid to the top half. We’ll raffle off the promos and playmats as well!

arg states image

Force of Will ARG States Championship: October 31st


Date: Saturday Oct 31, 2015
Format: New Frontiers (Grimm + Alice)
Structure: Swiss Format, best 2 out of 3 games w/ 50 minute rounds & cut to Top 8 after last round of swiss.
Registration: 9:00 a.m.
Start Time: 10:00 a.m.
Player cap: 56 maximum players
Entry Fee: $25 (can be paid in person or by calling 512-291-7399; online payments will open after October 1st.)
Preregistration: sign up here on our Google form


Booster Pack Prizes Payout which is based on attendance.

Fewer than 36 Players:
1st = 36 Packs, 2nd = 18 Packs, 3rd to 4th =12 Packs, 5th to 8th = 8 Packs
36 to 56 Players:
1st = 48 Packs, 2nd = 36 Packs, 3rd & 4th = 18 Packs, 5th to 8th = 12 Packs, 9th to 16th = 6 Packs


1st Place: ARG FOW! Fall State Champion Playmat, Invite to ARG National Championship, 100 ARG Token Points
2nd Place: ARG FOW! Top 8 Participant Playmat, Invite to ARG National Championship, 50 ARG Token Points
3rd/4th Place: ARG FOW! Top 8 Participant Playmat & 25 ARG Token Points
5th-8th Place: ARG FOW! Top 8 Participant Playmat & 20 ARG Token Points
9th-16th Place: ARG FOW! 15 ARG Token Points


Free CS:GO 5 vs. 5 Tournament: Saturday, Sept. 19th

weekend warriors



Our first CS:GO Tournament sponsored by Nvidia!

You MUST register for the tournament through the Nvidia GeForce website. The first 30 registered participants through the Nvidia website will be guaranteed a spot in the tournament.  Here’s the link again with this sentence in red in case you missed it…

Entry fee: FREE

Time: registration starts at 6:00pm, closes at 6:30pm, team formation will start at 6:30pm, tournament will start at 7:00pm

Tournament Structure: Single elimination, 5 vs. 5

Team Structure: Each player will provide his/her Competitive Matchmaking Rank. Those with the highest ranks will be selected as team captains and will draft their teams from the remaining players.

Prizing: Each member on the winning team will receive a $20 Steam gift card; everyone will receive some Nvidia swag

bfz cover

Battle For Zendikar Prerelease Events

Join us throughout the weekend of September 26th-27th for our Battle for Zendikar Prerelease Events!

To register for one of the six events we’ll be hosting, sign up on our Google form here!


All prerelease packs are the same this time, so there’s no color or clan choice. Each prerelease pack will come with 6 Battle for Zendikar packs and one random stamped rare or mythic. There will be no seeded packs.

Event fee: $25 if you prepay for your event by Thursday, September 24th. *Note: online registrations that are not paid by that time will be paying the door price of $30

Event times and dates:

Event structure:
After prerelease packs are handed out, everyone will be given 50 minutes for deckbuilding. Each event consist of 3 swiss rounds, 50 minutes each round.

For the midnight prerelease, everyone will receive a participation pack plus 1 pack for each win.

For the sealed events, everyone will receive a participation pack and we will add an additional 1.5 packs to the prize pool for each participant to be distributed to the top half players.

For Two Headed Giant, each player will receive a participation pack and each team will receive 2 packs per win.

We will be raffling off prizes for each event. Prizes will include Modern Masters 2013 packs, Modern Masters 2015 packs, binders, playmats, sleeves, intro decks, and deck boxes.

*Notes on prizing:
You must *participate* in the event in order to receive a participation pack. If you take your prerelease pack and leave, you will not receive your participation prize.

We have Battle for Zendikar booster packs allocated so that everyone will receive a participation pack, leaving enough leftover for competitive prizing. Beyond the allocated amounts, winners may choose to take vouchers for Battle for Zendikar packs or receive packs from the current standard blocks.