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Free RPG DAY(S): Starting July 25th-August 1st

Sorry for the delay here! Things got pushed back, shipments delayed, and we just didn’t want to post anything until we had the Free RPG Day stuff on site!

So what’s the deal? Well, we can’t run live events in store at the moment, so we’re gonna try to get some online stuff going… In the meantime, we’ve got tons of cool free RPG stuff to give out… since we’ve paid for the kits and can’t actually do the big event we usually do, we’ve graciously been allowed to use them as promotional sale items!! So we hope that you’ll all support us and get some sweet exclusive stuff in the meantime! So here’s the deal:

Buy random RPG-related stuff from us, get Free RPG Day stuff!

Spend at least $10 and get 1 free item
Spend at least $25 and get 3 free items
Spend at least $50 and get 6 free items plus 1 premium item
(all while supplies last)

This year’s selection for free items:

  • 9th Level Games: Level One Anthology of Indie RPGs
  • Cubicle 7: Warhammer 40K Wrath & Glory
  • Dave Taylor Miniatures/Mantic Games/Army Painter: How to Paint a Library
  • Fantasy Flight Games: Genesys Keyforge
  • Goodman Games: Dungeon Crawl Classics
  • Hit Point Press: Humblewood
  • Magpie Games: Root RPG
  • Oni Games: Junior Braves
  • Paizo, Inc.: Pathfinder RPG
  • Paizo, Inc.: Starfinder RPG
  • Renegade Game Studios: Kids on Bikes
  • Renegade Game Studios: Overlight
  • Roll20: Subscription Promo (12)

Premium Items:

  • Gatekeeper Games: Dice
  • Q-Workshop: Dice
  • Terrain Library Minis