Calendar of Events

Here’s our regular weekly schedule:

– MtG: Casual Commander/EDH: 1:00pm
– Force of Will Constructed: 2:00pm alternating weeks
– MTG Standard Showdown: 6:00pm ($6 entry fee)
– Open Board Gaming: 6:30pm (FREE!)

– MtG: Proxy-friendly Legacy ($6 entry) at 7:45pm
– MTG Pauper Tournament: 7:30pm (FIRST MONDAYS OF THE MONTH)

– Casual MTG Play: 6:00pm-ish
– Pokemon League/Tournament: 7:30pm
– Cardfight: Vanguard Tournament at 7:30pm

– MtG: Pioneer and Booster Draft: 7:30pm

– MtG: EDH/Commander Open Play at 7:00pm (free!)
– Star Wars Destiny Tournaments at 7:30pm

– Open Board Gaming at 6:30pm
– Friday Night Magic: Standard and Booster Draft at 7:30pm
– Argent Saga Constructed at 8:00pm

– X-Wing Tournaments:  Tournaments are once a month at 11:00am (see the Monthly Calendar for specific dates!)
– Heroclix Organized Play at 12:00pm (see details on the Wizkids Event System for this week’s build rules!)
– Transformers TCG Open Play: 1:00pm
– MtG: Sealed Draft and Pioneer at 7:30pm

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