MTG Trade-In Policies

Interested in selling some of your Magic cards? Here’s a quick guide to selling your cards to the store.

1. What cards do you take in?

We buy cards from all sets and formats, but prefer cards that we need or that sell quickly. We will turn down trade-ins on cards if we have an ample supply of them or if they are in bad condition.

We will not pay for bulk commons and uncommons, but will gladly take donations to parcel out to new players or to local Magic clubs.

You can enter your cards into our buylist on our store page:

2. Do you offer cash or store credit? How much?

Either! Most cards will earn you 40-60% of the card’s value in cash and 50-70% of the card’s value in store credit. The specific value will vary depending on the card, it’s condition, and it’s resale value to us.

Any trade-ins above $20 will require a valid government-issued ID.

Any trade-ins above $250 will be paid in either store credit or by check only.

3. Can I just stop in and bring my stuff in for you to look at?

Possibly— since we’re in the middle of a pandemic, you can feel free to drop off your collection and have us evaluate it for you. Call us for more details or to make an appointment: 512-291-7399