RPG Policies

In order to ensure the highest quality experience for our players, we have the following policies in place:

Table Fees:
For D&D 5e groups:
$5 per person per session ($2 given to the DM in store credit)
10 session passes are available for $45.

For all other RPG groups:
$3 per person per session ($2 given to the DM in store credit)
10 session passes are available for $25.

Each week, the DM may allow a fellowship vote for the player who best contributed to the group for that session. That player is awarded a free pass for the following week.

New players and first sessions for new campaigns are free.

Why are we doing this? Because we feel that DMs deserve to be compensated for their time dedicated to creating a great game experience. It also allows DMs to be fully equipped and accessorized for a truly dynamic experience for players. Additionally, it helps support the game space provided by the host store and allows us to allocate more space to role-playing games and recruit more high-quality DMs.

Attendance Policy:
Players who join our groups are expected to attend sessions as often as they are scheduled. All of our groups meet weekly unless otherwise stated. Players who do not attend regularly can disrupt the group dynamic and the flow of the game. Therefore, we have implemented the following policy in order to ensure the most fair and optimal experience for all players in the group:
– Players who no-call/no-show will be booted from the group after 3 strikes
– Players who don’t attend 3 consecutive sessions (with or without notice) will be booted from the group

***Note: we aren’t trying to just kick people out. If you are having a problem attending, talk to Lauren or the DM. If you’re serious about the game, but life is just getting heavy or in the way, we understand and will totally work with you. Just don’t be rude and disappear for weeks on end and expect to be written back into the game.

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