Check out my 13 tips for selecting the best basic lands for your tiny leaders deck. You will never guess number 3. Local game stores don’t want you to know about 11.

  1. Pick based on how pretty the picture is.
  2. Try to make each art different.
  3. Spend at least $1 on each basic.
  4. Choose full art lands if possible so people know how much expendable income you have.
  5. If possible, foil them all out so people also know how big your dick is.
  6. Also if possible, have them all be foreign too so people know how much you don’t get laid.
  7. Make the border style match your tiny leader’s border.
  8. For super spicy times, use Pokemon energies instead of MTG basics— it adds that little extra bit of douchery to an already douchy game.
  9. If you really wanna show off your BDE even more, get a local artist to do alters on all of them. Make the alts a little edgy and slightly sexually inappropriate to have something to discuss at the table.
  10. No alpha or beta lands? Just sharpie the border to make them look expensive!
  11. Ask your local game store around 7:05 on a Friday night if you can sift through all their basic lands to find the ones you want. Sit at the most central location and spread out as much as possible.
  12. Ask others around your at your local LGS if they have basics for trade. You’ll make lots of friends this way.
  13. No time to stand in line and get your lands signed at a local GP? No problem! Take a metallic sharpie and scribble chicken scratch on them! No one will ever care or be able to tell that they were signed by the artist anyway.
  14. Bonus tip! Buy smoke inner sleeves and put them on backwards inside an non-glare oversleeve. That way no one can see any of the cards you’re playing.

Special thanks to our friend Rob, who inspired this in our Discord channel <3