New Products! Week of 10/6/17

So much new stuff this week!!

Betrayal at Baldur’s Gate: on release sale for 20% MSRP until Friday, October 13th. 

Comes with a promo! This is the new release from Wizards of the Coast in the line of Betrayal at House on the Hill games. New mechanics and storyline components.



Legend of the Five Rings Core Set

Fantasy Flight Games bought the rights to this game from AEG and reprinted it as a Living Card Game. Set in a fictional samurai land, this game has some of the most beautiful art. If you like card games, but aren’t looking to get into a CCG, this is good one to check out.



Pokemon Shining Legends

We have Elite Trainer boxes and Pikachu and Mewtwo Pin Boxes as well. Grab these limited edition packs before they’re gone!