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Force of Will: Seven Kings of the Lands Release Draft on Sept. 25th

Come join us for the release of Alice Cluster: The Seven Kings of the Lands!

We’ll be kicking off release with a 6 pack draft!

When: Friday, September 25th at 7:00pm
Cost: $25 per person
Tournament structure: 3 rounds swiss
Prizing: 1.5 packs per person will be added to the prize pool to be paid to the top half. We’ll raffle off the promos and playmats as well!


Free CS:GO 5 vs. 5 Tournament: Saturday, Sept. 19th

weekend warriors



Our first CS:GO Tournament sponsored by Nvidia!

You MUST register for the tournament through the Nvidia GeForce website. The first 30 registered participants through the Nvidia website will be guaranteed a spot in the tournament.  Here’s the link again with this sentence in red in case you missed it…

Entry fee: FREE

Time: registration starts at 6:00pm, closes at 6:30pm, team formation will start at 6:30pm, tournament will start at 7:00pm

Tournament Structure: Single elimination, 5 vs. 5

Team Structure: Each player will provide his/her Competitive Matchmaking Rank. Those with the highest ranks will be selected as team captains and will draft their teams from the remaining players.

Prizing: Each member on the winning team will receive a $20 Steam gift card; everyone will receive some Nvidia swag

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Battle For Zendikar Prerelease Events

Join us throughout the weekend of September 26th-27th for our Battle for Zendikar Prerelease Events!

To register for one of the six events we’ll be hosting, sign up on our Google form here!


All prerelease packs are the same this time, so there’s no color or clan choice. Each prerelease pack will come with 6 Battle for Zendikar packs and one random stamped rare or mythic. There will be no seeded packs.

Event fee: $25 if you prepay for your event by Thursday, September 24th. *Note: online registrations that are not paid by that time will be paying the door price of $30

Event times and dates:

Event structure:
After prerelease packs are handed out, everyone will be given 50 minutes for deckbuilding. Each event consist of 3 swiss rounds, 50 minutes each round.

For the midnight prerelease, everyone will receive a participation pack plus 1 pack for each win.

For the sealed events, everyone will receive a participation pack and we will add an additional 1.5 packs to the prize pool for each participant to be distributed to the top half players.

For Two Headed Giant, each player will receive a participation pack and each team will receive 2 packs per win.

We will be raffling off prizes for each event. Prizes will include Modern Masters 2013 packs, Modern Masters 2015 packs, binders, playmats, sleeves, intro decks, and deck boxes.

*Notes on prizing:
You must *participate* in the event in order to receive a participation pack. If you take your prerelease pack and leave, you will not receive your participation prize.

We have Battle for Zendikar booster packs allocated so that everyone will receive a participation pack, leaving enough leftover for competitive prizing. Beyond the allocated amounts, winners may choose to take vouchers for Battle for Zendikar packs or receive packs from the current standard blocks.





Win-a-Liliana Tournament: Sept. 13th at 6:30pm

Instead of our regularly scheduled win-a-box tournament on Sunday, September 13th,  we’ll be doing a Win-a-Liliana Tournament instead. Tournament starts at 6:30pm after our Standard PPTQ that day.

Format: Standard

Tournament structure: Same as usual— swiss rounds with a cut to to 4 or 8, depending on the number of players. Minimum 12 players to fire the event.

Entry fee: $10

Prizing: One Liliana of the Veil will go to 1st place. We ask that there not be any splits…

PP 1080x608 Ggl Evt

Standard PPTQ: September 13th

Come take a stab at the Pro Tour at Mothership!

When:  Sunday, September 13th at 11:00am
(Registration opens at 11:00am and the player meeting will start at noon. If you are late to the player meeting, you will receive a round one game loss.)

Event fees: $25 for preregistered players; $30 at the door

How to preregister: Sign up on our Google form and come to the store or call us to pay.

Tournament Structure:  Competitive REL. Swiss rounds with a cut to top 8. The number of rounds will be determined by the number of players registered. Minimum of 16 players to fire the event, maximum of 50.
(Note: if we do not have 16 players registered by Friday, September 11th, we will cancel the event and process refunds over the weekend.)

Prizing Structure:  Minimum prize support is 4 packs per person of Magic Origins will be added to the prize pool to be distributed to the top 8 players. Lauren reserves the right to increase prize support based on attendance. (read: if more people show up/register, the sweeter the pot will be!)

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Diablo Season 4 Kick-Off LAN Party: Friday, August 28th



Join us Friday for the official kickoff of Diablo 3 Season 4. Group up to clear your way to the new content as fast as possible, and start trying out the new Legendary and Set items!

Pet Witch Doctor and Hammerdin are finally the thing we’ve all been waiting for, so don’t wait a minute longer. Patches will be downloaded this week and ready to launch at 7:00pm on Friday.

We’ll be running a late-night LAN party on Friday, August 28th starting at 6:30pm. $15 entry fee gets you play time until 4:00am and any drink from the coolers!

Check out some previews from the Blizzard site here!

trial of the remnant

1 vs. 1 League of Legends Tournament: September 12th



Trial of the Remnant
League of Legends 1 vs. 1 Tournament

Dates: Saturday, September 12th at 1:00pm (registration starts at 12:00pm)

Entry fee: $10.00 per person

Prizing:   Cash prizes to the top three

Tournament Structure:
Tournament will run September 12th.
Check-in starts at 12 pm (must be present to check in).
Tournament Starts at 1 pm.
Keep in mind both semifinal games will be streamed. Also both semifinal matches will be best of 3, and the finals are best of 3 as well.
• All matches played on the Summoner’s Rift
• 1v1, Single Elimination
• Blind Pick
• Best of one (until semifinals)
• 4 Bans per person (8 in total)
• NO banned Summoner Spells or Items

We have plenty of spots still available! Register on our Google form here or come early! 


1. You can sign up for the tournament by Clicking on the links above. You can only sign up once and you must be registered on both sites before the start of the event.
2. You must sign up by 11:59 pm September 11th
3. Tournament Entry fee is $10.00 dollars.
4. You will be required to check-in on the day of the tournament, up to an hour before it starts. Payment must be complete before start of the Tournament. Then the brackets will be made. If you do not check-in in time, you will not be able to participate. You have been warned, there will be no exceptions.
5. Bans (4 per person, 8 total), Game Mode: Blind Pick, Map: Summoner’s Rift, Best of 1 (until semifinals), First to 1 Kill or First to take Tower
6. Banned Summoner Spells: None
7. Banned Items: None
8. There is a cap of players for this tournament. The first 64 people to check-in on the day of the tournament will be allowed to participate.

Winning Conditions
• Matches will be first to 1 kill or tower
• Winner of the match must notify Event staff upon victory

Picks and Bans
• Matches will be best of 1 for the first few rounds, starting with banning, each person will have 4 bans. Banning order will go 1-1-2-2-1-1. Bans are DONE IN THE CHAT IN THE GAME PRIOR TO LAUNCH, please notify event staff of ban picks. BLIND PICK so the enemy does not know what champion you picked until the screen loads.
• Matches during the semifinals will be best of 3 and banning will go the same way. In-between matches you will switch sides and do ALL banning again. This meaning that your bans can change between rounds.
• There will be NO banned Champions or Summoner Spells.

*Any disrespect towards an opponent is prohibited. Don’t troll or disrespect the other player before/during/after the game. If you have been reported for this with proof to back it up you can/will be remove from the tournament.

• This tournament will be played 1v1 on Summoner’s Rift.

Player Disconnects
If a player disconnects the game can be restarted if the game has not yet reached the 5 min. mark, and first blood has not been earned.

Stoppage of Play
• Unintentional Disconnection: One player losing connection to the game due to problems or issues with the game client, platform, network, or PC.
• Game Leaving/Intentional Disconnection: One player losing connection to the game due to player’s actions (i.e. quitting the game)..
• Server Crash: Multiple players losing connection to a game due to an issue with a server or platform.
Stoppage of Play Procedure/Pause Rules
• A player, who is experiences technical issues, on any team may call for a game restart prior to first blood within the first 5 minutes of the game (i.e. before the timer shows 5:00). The player must be experiencing a hardware malfunction (e.g. monitor, peripheral, etc), a physical disruption (e.g. fan interference, table or chair breakage), or a configuration issues (e.g. runes, masteries, or summoner spells are not properly applied). The player must declare the issue in public chat or to a tournament administrator and then intentionally disconnect. Once the player disconnects, the game is considered null and void and should be restarted unless a tournament administrator determines that the conduct represents unfair play.
• If an unintentional disconnection occurs within 5 minutes from the start of the match & before first blood –OR– a player’s client crashes or fails to load after champion selection, then the match must be restarted. Otherwise if the unintentional disconnection occurs after those milestones, the game will continue as normal. The crashed player may reconnect into the game as soon as they are able.
• If a player intentionally disconnects without specifying a reason, then the game will continue as normal.

Unfair play
• The following actions will be considered unfair play:
• The use of any cheat program and/or map hack program.
• An intentional disconnection without a proper and explicitly stated reason
• The use of any settings exceeding the standard and permitted settings
• Intentionally allowing an opponent to win a game.
• Unsportsmanlike or disruptive behavior such as inappropriate and/or unprofessional actions directed towards another player or tournament official.
• The use of a game bug that is determined by the board of referees as being unfair.
• The use of an ineligible player (aka “ringing”)
• Upon discovery of any player committing any violations regarded as unfair play, the offending player, at the sole discretion of the tournament director or a group of referees, may receive a warning, a forfeit loss, disqualified from the tournament.
• During the course of the event, the tournament director or group of referees may determine other actions to embody unfair play.

Mothership reserves the right to change or update these rules at any time, at the discretion of event admins. Also all infractions or violations not listed specifically here will be punished at the discretion of event organizers and may include, expulsion from the event, reduction of prize money, or any other actions the admin sees fit.