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Star Wars Destiny Store Championship 2018

Sign up here for our Store Championship!


Event Information:
– Sunday, August 26th
– Registration opens at 10:00am
– Decklists must be submitted by 10:30am
– Dice roll at 10:45am

Event Structure:
– Maximum 32 seats
– Swiss rounds and cut to top based on the number of participants

– All participants will receive kit prizing and pack prizing
– 1 booster box will be added per 8 participants
– Raffles will be done at the end of Swiss rounds
– See the FFG website for more details on the kit: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2018/6/6/swd-use-the-force/

Star Wars Destiny Preorders for Legacies!

Star Wars Destiny Legacies preorders are open at Mothership! You can sign up on this form or just PM me, text me, email me!

Release date still unknown, maybe around December 9th or so! Will update here when I get a final date.

– Booster boxes for $85 plus tax
– Starters and draft packs for $14.95 plus tax
– Bundle of 1 box, 1 of each starter, and 1 draft pack for $120 plus tax (save $30!)

Star Wars Destiny Store Championship

Date: Sunday, June 25th at 11:00am (dice roll at 11:30am)

Event fee: $10– your registration is only confirmed once you have paid the event fees.  Register here!

Tournament structure: Hard cap at 48 players. Swiss rounds with a cut to top 8. Must fill out a decklist.

Top 32 – An alternate art version of the upgrade card The Best Defense.
Top 8 – A deckbox showcasing the First Order and its legions of Stormtroopers.
Top 4 – A playmat featuring Captain Phasma
Top 2 – An extended art, plastic, spot-glossed Captain Phasma, Elite Trooper card.
First Place – A printed art plaque to commemorate your victory and a first-round bye card that is valid at any 2017 or 2018 Star Wars: Destiny Regional Championship!

Additional prizing:
Destiny booster packs, singles, and accessories will be added to the prize and raffle pool proportional to the number of players attending.

Please fill out the following form and come to the store or call us at 512-291-7399 to pay your event fees. *Registration form!*