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MTG Modern PPTQ- No Prize Support- September 9th, 2018



We have already moved other groups for the day to accommodate more people for this event. There are literally no other chairs in the space for this event. Showing up will not afford you a place in the tournament.


Event Details:
– Sunday, September 9th
– Registration opens at 10:00am
– First round starts at 11:00am

Event Structure and Prizing:
– Swiss rounds based on the number of participants
– Hard cap at 32 players
– Cut to top 8 after Swiss
– No prizing— all fees go to paying judges and staff

Standard PPTQ on Nov. 19th– No Prize Support

Event is on Sunday, November 19th at 11:30am. Store opens at 11:00am.

$10 entry fee. No prize support. All event fees go to paying for the judge and staff.

Hard cap at 24 players. We will open a waitlist once we hit 24 players. There will be other events that day at the store, so we will be capped based on physical space. If we are able to accommodate more people, we will, but we are only planning on 24 seats.

You can preregister here. The form will tell you if you have a slot or if you are on the waitlist.