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Guilds of Ravnica Sealed League

Join us for some league action! Great event for new players who want to get some practice with deckbuilding and some light competition and for veteran players looking for a fun experience.

League is every Tuesday from October 9th to October 30th. If you cannot make it to the Tuesday meet time, you are welcome to play matches at other times with League Players throughout the week.

Entry fee is $25 and includes 6 boosters of GNR to build a 40 card deck.

Rules of the League:
– Play as many matches as you want.
– Get a free mulligan each match.
– Add another booster pack to your pool after 3 losses and/or at the beginning of the next league session (max. 3 packs per week)
-We’ll hold your league materials in between weeks.

– Play all 4 league events = 4 packs
– Win more than 5 matches in a row = 1 pack
– Play 10+ games = 1 Wizards promo item

Guilds of Ravnica: Store Championship and Open House

Ready to Return to Return to Ravnica? Lots of events going on for our planeswalk back to the best plane ever!

Store Championship

Date and Time: Saturday, September 15th at 4:30pm
Format: Standard. Swiss rounds with cut to top 8
Event Fees: $10
Prizing: 1st place gets a box of M19 and the Champion playmat.
Top 8 gets a deck box. Top 30 gets the alt art promo. Extra packs given to top players if we get more than 12 people.

Open House

Date and Time: Saturday, September 22nd at 1:00pm
Format: Open play. Must play 3 different opponents to receive the participation promo.
Event fees: FREE!
Prizing: Participation promo given to those who *participate* in the event.