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MTG Core 2019 Open House

Join us for a intro session to MTG and to the new set, Core 2019! Each participant will get a free sample deck to take home.

Saturday, June 30th at 1:00pm

Those who help teach others or those who play at least 5 games with 5 unique opponents will receive a full art promo. We reserve the right to limit the distribution of promos to people who try to scam the system and not help facilitate a welcoming environment for new players.

Guttersnipe promo

Dominaria Store Championship: Saturday, June 23rd

Join us for the culmination of the Dominaria season!

When: Saturday, June 23rd at 4:30pm

Format/Structure: Standard, swiss rounds based on the number of participants, cut to top 8

Event fee: $10 entry fee

– Top 30 players will receive a copy of the full-art Demon of Catastrophes
– Top 8 players will receive an exclusive deck box
– First place will get the Champion playmat

This will be a  Dominaria win-a-box event. For more than 12 players, we will add 3 packs of Dominaria to the prize pool to be distributed to top players. Final prize count will be determined at the start of the event once we get a final number of players.

Demon of Catastrophes promo

Free RPG Day: Saturday, June 16th

Join us for a whole day of RPG action! We’ll have 7 different RPGs running throughout the day for people to get a taste of the amazing world of tabletop gaming!

Free RPG Day swag is limited to 1 item per person. Those who participate in any of our events will be eligible for additional swag and the specialty item swag.

2018 RPG Schedule

11:00am: Cypher System (Predation)— a game for fans of sci-fi and dinosaurs!

12:00pm: Sentinel Comics RPGS— a game for those who want to be superheroes in real life, but still not in real life

1:00pm:  40k Wrath and Glory— the new Warhammer RPG!

3:00pm: Call of Cthuhlu— does this require anymore explanation? RAWR CTHULHU!

4:00pm: D&D Horror Crawl— Lamentations of the Flame Princess adventure (not recommended for the kiddos)

4:00pm: D&D 5e Adventure— traditional D&D!

8:00pm: Vampire the Masquerade—  a revamp of the original RPG that’s releasing this summer

Feel free to RSVP for any of the above games by emailing lauren@mothershipatx.com! Otherwise, seats are on a first-come, first-served basis.

Battlebond Events and Preorders

Join us for some sweet 2HG action with a new set dedicated to multiplayer games!

Click here to preregister or preorder for Battlebond!

Battlebond Preview Events

Saturday, June 2nd and Sunday, June 3rd at 1:30pm
$30 entry fee perteam

Battlebond Launch Party

Friday, June 8th at 7:30pm and Saturday, June 9th at 1:30pm
$30 entry fee per team


Event fee only covers both players. Both team members must be paid and preregistered to guarantee a slot.

*While we will do our best to match people into teams, the only way to guarantee a partner is to find one before the event.

Event info:

  • Each team of two will receive six Battlebond booster packs. The team will build two decks from the six booster packs¬—one deck for each player.
  • The remaining unused cards will create a shared sideboard.
  • Teams play single game matches.


  • 2 packs per players into the prize pool
  • Payout is 2 packs per round win per team