Pokemon League Cup: March 11, 2018



Date: Sunday, March 11th

Time: 11:00am registration opens; 11:30am start time

Entry: $10 entry fee

Registration: Hard cap at 50 players. Preregistration is highly encouraged— fill out this form here

Tournament structure: Swiss rounds based on the number of participants. Cut to top 4 or 8 determined by number of participants per division.

Swiss rounds will be best of 1, single elimination will be best of 3.

Prizing: 3 packs of Ultra Prism will be added to the prize pool to be distributed to the top 50% of players. All participants are guaranteed a League Cup promo. The 1st place player in each division will get the Champion Playmat.


***Note: all players under the age of 13 will need a parent or legal guardian on the premises with them at all times. Siblings under the age of 21 do not count as guardians. For unaccompanied players under the age of 13, we otherwise reserve the right to:
– refuse entry into the tournament
– remove them from the tournament without refund if they become unaccompanied
– call child services and the police to have them removed from the premises

Masters 25 Preorders and Events

Sign up here to preorder your boxes of Masters 25!

Boxes will be $200 plus tax on preorder only and must be paid by Monday, March 12th to receive this price.

Any boxes paid after that date will be $215 plus tax.


Masters 25 Event Schedule

$40 entry fee– 2 packs per person into the prize pool. 1 pack per round win prizing plus an extra pack to each player in the top half standings.

  • Thursday, March 15th at 11:59pm
  • Friday, March 16th at 7:30pm
  • Saturday, March 17th at 6:30pm
  • Monday, March 19th at 7:30pm
  • Tuesday, March 20th at 7:30pm

PPTQ Masters 25- February 18th, 2018

Sign up here for our PPTQ Masters 25 Event!

Sunday, February 18th at 11:30am. Registration opens at 11:00am.

Event capped at 30 players. We will close online preregistration once we hit 30 players and open a waitlist. Please leave your contact infomation in the form so that I can call you to let you know if a spot opens up.

Sign up sheet here on Google Forms.

$10 entry fee

No prize support except the PPTQ invite. All event fees go to paying the judge and staff.

Swiss rounds based on number of participants. Cut to top 8.

Competitive REL. Decklist required.

Standard Showdown for Rivals of Ixalan

Standard is HOT this season! Join us for some standard action on Sundays at 6:00pm.

Standard Showdown Dates:
– Sunday, February 11th at 6:00pm
– Sunday, February 18th at 6:00pm
– Sunday, February 25th at 6:00pm
– Sunday, March 4th at 6:00pm

Tournament Structure:
– $6 entry fee
– Swiss rounds based on the number of participants
– No cut to top

– 1.5 booster packs will be added to the prize pool to be distributed to top half players
– Top 8 players will receive a Standard Showdown pack
– 1 Standard Showdown pack will be raffled to a non-top-8 player


FFG Store Championships in February

Join us for two different Store Championships this season!


A Game of Thrones Store Championship
Saturday, February 10th at 11:00am

  • Entry fee: $15
  • Registration opens at 11:00am, first round at 11:30am
  • Prizing straight from the kit, exclusive prizes for top 32 players
  • Swiss rounds with a cut to top, based on the number of participants
  • Excess prizes will be handed out at the event

Runewars Store Championship
Sunday, February 25th at 11:00am

  • Entry fee: $15
  • Registration opens at 11:00am, first round at 11:30am
  • Prizing straight from the kit, exclusive prizes for top 16 players
  • Swiss rounds with a cut to top, based on the number of participants
  • Excess prizes will be handed out at the event



Rivals of Ixalan Sealed League: Tuesdays from 1/23 to 2/13

Join us for some league action! Great event for new players who want to get some practice with deckbuilding and some light competition and for veteran players looking for a fun experience.

League is every Tuesday at 7:00pm. If you cannot make it to the Tuesday meet time, you are welcome to play matches at other times with League Players throughout the week.

Entry fee is $25 to start league (you’ll get a prerelease pack to build your first deck)

Rules of the League:
– Play as many matches as you want.
– Get a free mulligan each match.
– Add another booster pack to your pool after 3 losses and/or at the beginning of the next league session (max. 3 packs per week)
-We’ll hold your league materials in between weeks.

– Play all 4 league events = 3 packs
– Win more than 5 matches in a row = 1 pack
– Bring a friend who’s never played at Mothership before to join the league = 1 pack
– Play 10+ games = 1 Wizards promo item
– Don’t be a douchebag to other players and actually foster community at the ‘ship = 1 pack*

Note: * means that it’s up to Lauren’s discretion if you get this bonus pack or not

Pokemon Ultra Prism Prerelease Events

Sign up here for our Ultra Prism Prerelease events!

Entry fee is $30 and includes:
– 22 card evolution pack featuring key cards from current and prior sets
– 4 Ultra Prism Booster Packs
– 1 of 4 alternate art promo cards
– 1 Deck building tip sheet

Max. 45 players per weekend event and 20 players per weekday event.

Each player will receive 1 prerelease deck and be given 30 minutes for deck building.

The tournament will last about 3-4 rounds depending on the number of total participants. Each round typically lasts 20 minutes + 3 turns.

Games are played with 4 prize cards rather than the usual 6. Basic energy cards included in the prerelease kits will be provided to players.

Everyone will receive 3 participation packs and we’ll add 1 pack per person to the prize pool to be distributed to the top half players of each division. Additional prize packs will be from sets that are currently available; you may instead accept a voucher for the new set when it is released.

We will also be raffling off some Elite Trainer boxes, EX boxes, and Mythical boxes- one will be added per 8 attendees!

Rivals of Ixalan Preorders!

Fill out this form if you would like to preorder your Rivals Ixalan Booster Boxes, Bundles, or Planeswalker Decks!

Each of these items is highly allocated, so you must pay by the deadline in order to guarantee your items.

Booster boxes will be $95 (not including tax) and Fat Packs will be $39.99 (not including tax).

First 50 customers to pay for their booster boxes will receive the Buy a Box Promo, Captain’s Hook.

rivals buy a box

You must make a 50% deposit on your preorder by Thursday, January 18th or your preorder will be deleted. Full payment must be received to receive your preorder.

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