Mothership Books and Games is proud to host a number of weekly gatherings through!

Thursdays:  North Austin MOBA Meetup (League of Legends/SMITE) @ 7:00pm

Come meet some fellow MOBA players for a round of LoL or Smite. We also have a number of new and beta MOBAs available to try. Special rates for Meetup members in our LAN center: $8 for unlimited play from 7:00pm to midnight.

RSVP online at North Austin League of Legends Meetup


Second Saturday of Every Month: EVE Online Meetup at 2:00pm

Come meet some fellow Eve pilots to talk about EVE, do some roams, and meet new players.  Computers are reserved together in the LAN center so folks can watch each other play or roam.

RSVP online at EVE Online Mothership Meetup




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