Trivia Nights in November!

MTG Trivia Night

Saturday, November 11th at 9:30pm— you can still play in the trivia night even if you are playing in one of the events!

General Nerd Trivia Night

Saturday, November 25th at 9:30pm— categories will be a selection from movies, TV, gaming, and other general nerd categories. There will *defnitely* be a category on Thanksgiving trivia.


Entry fee: $5 per person. Max 4 people to a team. Team name is a requirement.

Prizing: all entry fees will go to the prize pool
1st place team = 50% of the prize pool
2nd place team= 30% of the prize pool
3rd place team= 20 % of the prize pool

BYOB allowed after events end- severe drunken behavior will disqualify your team and result in you being permabanned- this includes puking, aggressive behavior, violence, threatening others, yelling words that shouldn’t be said in public

All cell phones and other internet accessing devices must be placed in a basket to be kept at the front of the store. Any cheating will result in disqualification and permabanning of the offending player.

Trivia structure:
– 8 rounds— 10 questions each
– Most points after all rounds = winner!
– In the event of a tie or multiple ties, the prize brackets will be split