Ixalan Mid-Season League: Starts Nov. 7

Join us for some league action! Great event for new players who want to get some practice with deckbuilding and some light competition and for veteran players looking for a fun experience.
The mid-season League is every Tuesday from November 7th – November 28th at 7:00pm. If you cannot make it to the Tuesday meet time, you are welcome to play matches at other times with League Players throughout the week.
Entry fee is $20 to start league– gets you 6 Ixalan packs.
Rules of the League:
– Play as many matches as you want– minimum of 3 per week to be eligible for prizing
– Get a free mulligan each match.
– Add another booster pack to your pool after 3 losses and/or at the beginning of the next league session (max. 3 packs per week)
-We’ll hold your league materials in between weeks.
– Play all 4 league events (play at least 3 different people) = 3 packs
– Win more than 5 matches in a row = 1 pack
– Bring a friend who’s never played at Mothership before to join the league = 1 pack
– Play 10+ games = 1 Wizards promo item
– Don’t be a douchebag to other players and actually foster community at the ‘ship = 1 pack*
Note: * means that it’s up to Lauren’s discretion if you get this bonus pack or not